- ConfLab https://conflab.ewi.tudelft.nl/ 

  • ConfLab: A Rich Multimodal Multisensor Dataset of Free-Standing Social Interactions In-the-Wild, C Raman, J Vargas-Quiros, S Tan, E Gedik, A Islam, H Hung, NeurIPS 2022

- Head and Body Pose Annotations for the MatchNMingle Dataset (can you place Stephanie's readme and related annotation files that are currently placed in the MnM SVN as a zip file in the web page? There is no official place for it right now.

- Covfee

  • Covfee: an extensible web framework for continuous-time annotation of human behavior Jose Vargas Quiros, Stephanie Tan, Chirag Raman, Laura Cabrera-Quiros, Hayley Hung Understanding Social Behavior in Dyadic and Small Group Interactions, PMLR 173:265-293, 2022.
  • https://proceedings.mlr.press/v173/vargas-quiros22a.html

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